Monday, December 12, 2016

13 Days Until Christmas, 13 Things On My Christmas Wish List

Here are 13 items on my Christmas Wish List:

1. Funk Pop! Figures (I only have Civil War: Black Panther, Hilary Clinton, & Hot Topic Ex. Ahsoka)

2. Candles! (I love candles!)

3. Bookish Inspired items (mugs, blankets, posters, etc.)

4. Books! (Duh)

5. Music (OneRepublic's new CD)

6. Barbie (50th Anniversary Star Trek Dolls, Gold Label/BFMC)

7. Teas!

8. Starbucks (Merchandise/ or gift cards)

9. Shelves (Book shelves/ night stand)

10. Coloring Books (THG, TLC, The Selection, Red Queen, etc)

11. Disney Infinity Figures/ Playsets (Want to collect them all)

12. Movies (Resident Evil Collection, NYSM 2, Allegiant, etc)

13. Fandom Merchandise (Black Panther, Civil War, Ahsoka, etc)

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