Monday, August 31, 2015

#BookishSeptember Month Long Read-A-Thon Info & TBR!

#BookishSeptember was created/being hosted by these lovely ladies:

Joana Sousa
twitter: @Joana717
instagram: @joanasworld

Luisina @MyReadingGlasses
twitter: @Luisina08
instagram: @luisinariv

Stephanie @atatwalk3r
twitter: @atatwalk3r
instagram: @atatwalk3r

Gabriella Pop
twitter: @_acciofandoms
instagram: @ohheygabyp

Elisabeth Paige
twitter: @elisabethpaigex
instagram: @elissabethpaige

September 1st - 30th
1. Reread a favorite
2. Read a recently purchased book
3. Read a book from your favorite genre
4. Read a book with a beautiful cover
5. Read a book you know nothing about
6. Read a book with a darker theme
7. Read a book you want to read

So far I haven't decided which book that I am going to re-read yet, but here's a list of all the books I plan to read:

1. ?

2. Recently purchased book:

3. From my favorite genre:

4. Beautiful cover:

5. I know nothing about:

5. Darker theme:

6. I want to read:

Are you participating in this Readathon? You really should if you weren't planning to.


  1. I hadn't intended to participate in the readathon (school starting up again might take up too much of my time) but maybe I will... Anways, great post! Red Queen and Queen of Shadows are also on my immediate tbr <3

    Most recent post on Enchanted by YA:

  2. Ooh, this is quite a lot of books for a single month! I am looking forward to hearing what you think about all of these and I wish you the best with this readathon! I am also doing one this September but it is shorter with fewer books as well xD