Wednesday, July 22, 2015

What TV Shows Currently Have Hooked Their Claws Into Me....

This isn't exactly a Bookish post but some of these shows are adaptations.

                                     Current TV Shows:

1.) Zoo (Season 1) on CBS

There's just something about this TV series that just fascinates me! I love the fact that in truth, animals do have the brain-power and strength to stand up against us. This show dives right into that concept with a brilliant cast of characters.

This show makes me want to buy Zoo by James Patterson right now!

2.) Killjoys (Season 1) on SyFy

Space Bounty Hunters? Yes, friggin please! Kickass cast of characters? Um Hell Yeah! Intricately woven plots? Yes!

3.) Dark Matter (Season 1) on SyFy

Space. Kickass characters. Memories stolen. Face stealing. Zombie killing. Android kicking. Money stealing. Weapon loving. Nail biting awesomeness.

4.) Extant (Season 2) on CBS

I love Halle Berry, so of course I had to check this show out. Now I am addicted! Space Missions, Aliens Trying To Take Over, Betrayal, & Androids Being Made For War = bone chilling excitement!

                                 Coming Soon TV Shows

1.) Face Off (Season 9) on SyFy

First episode of Season 9 is airing Tuesday, July 28th.
I've watched every single one of these seasons and every one of them contains brilliant artists who create very beautiful works of art.

2.) Shadowhunters (Season 1) on ABC
Airing January 2016.
I really don't know why I want to watch this. I really disliked the books. I hated the movie. I guess I am just desperate to like this franchise since every one else does.

3.) The 100 (Season 3) on CW

Airing in 2016.

I hope Bellarke will finally happen in this upcoming season (fingers crossed)!

So freaking excited!!!

4.) Bitten (Season 3) on SyFy

Airing sometime in 2016

A non-vampire version of True Blood, what's not to love. I need to get my True Blood fix some how.

5.) American Dad (Season 13) on TBS

I never ever want this TV show series to end. So freaking hilarious! I love Roger to death and poor poor always left out Klaus.

What are you currently watching and excited to watch? Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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