Thursday, October 9, 2014

Review Week! What's To Be Reviewed & When!

As I've stated in a previous post, I will be hosting Review Week! It starts from October 10th (tomorrow) to October 17th.

These are all Review books (except for Throne Of Glass) sent to me from the authors themselves.

Sadie's War by Jayelle Cochran -Oct 10th
Beyond New Eden by H.S. Stone -Oct 11th
The Cleansing by Danielle Evans -Oct 12th
The Reflections Of Queen Snow White by David Meredith -Oct 13th
Throne Of Glass by Sarah J. Maas -Oct 14th
Broken World by Kate Mary -Oct 15th
Wildlanders' Woman & Prequel by Jenycka Wolfe -Oct 16th
The Spartak Trigger by Bryce Allen -Oct 17th

If you have a book you'd like reviewed, please email me at

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