Monday, September 1, 2014

Hey Everyone, Just A Little Help Needed!

All right everyone, I'm starting Trade School this Wednesday, or September  3rd 2014. I'm going to be quite busy and thought maybe a co-blogger would be a great help. 

The time I require a co-blogger is from September 3rd to June 22nd.

Of course, if no one would like to co-blog on my blog, it's perfectly okay and I will still blog, just not as much due to school. So, either way it'll be fine.


Honestly there aren't many requirements I have, just that you'd be willing to do occassional Memes and post some reviews (that means you have to be a reader!)

Other than that, you can pretty much post whatever you want. As long as it is not offensive and is book related. 

Also, if you end up wanting to continue being a co-blogger after my required time (after June 22nd) that would be awesome.

Please email me at or message me on Goodreads: Robin. Or even comment below with your email and I'll email you. 

As always, Thanks for visiting my blog and reading my post(s)! 

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