Saturday, August 16, 2014

Most Owned/Auto-Buy Authors Tag!

First off, let me thank Erin from over at the The Hardcover Lover (Here's her link: )

~ Jeaniene Frost ( 15 Books)
 I own most of Mrs. Frost's books on my Kobo app, but I am trying to buy them all in physical copy format. I will be definitely buying all of her books as soon as they come out.

~Patricia Briggs (12 Books)
 I have Mrs. Brigg's books in both ebook and physical copy format. I really love her books and will continue to buy all her books.

~Jennifer Lynn Barnes (7 Books)
  I have yet to own all her books, but I have them on the top of my wish lists. What I've read of Mrs. Barnes' work has been great, can't wait to read more of her books.

~Andrea Cremer (6 Books)
 I loved Mrs. Cremer's Nightshade books, so I believe I'll love all her other books. 

~Colleen Houck (5 Books)
 Mrs. Houck is by far one of my favorite authors of all time, so I will definitely be buying every single one of her books she publishes.

~Veronica Roth (4 Books)
 I adored Mrs. Roth's Divergent series, so I have a feeling I'll love any of her other books she publishes.

~Alexandra Bracken (3 Books)
 I adore Mrs. Bracken's Darkest Minds books, so I will definitely be buying her new series.

I know my list of auto-buy/most owned authors is quite short, but this is what I have. I tag everyone who hasn't already done this tag! 

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