Friday, August 29, 2014

Challenges & Updated September TBR

So over at the wonderful group on Goodreads, All About YA, I created a Fall Challenge. So of course I will be participating in that challenge. I've also decided to join The TBR Challenge (because well, I need to lower my TBR number) from the Goodreads group Teen Critic.

Onto my TBR! Since the Fall Challenge lasts from September to the end of November, I'm only going to complete a few of the requirements this month.

I'm going to read: (which completes requirements #'s 1,4,8,11)

Onto my TBR for the TBR Challenge (Since this lasts a year from the start date, I'm only going to read 2 books for this):
(which these complete requirements #'s 1 & 3)

As for the other books I'll be reading in September are:


  1. You have to tell me how Landry Park is. I held that in my hands on my birthday! Decided to get The Murder Complex instead. Asylum looks interesting (from a cover point of view). I'm going to have to try that Tiger series. P.S. Love what you have done with the blog. :)

    1. Thanks so much Angie. Yeah, I was debating on changing my blog theme for a while and I saw this theme and thought it was perfect, I like this one a lot.

      Also, I will make sure I inform of what I think of Landry Park once I finish it. I actually won a copy of Asylum, so I have to read it eventually lol. And yes, you really need to read the Tiger series!

  2. Yaaaay! You're reading Cinder! The series is just awesome! I'm also reading Obsidian next month!

    1. Yeah haha, really want to see why everyone is talking about Cinder, so I might as well read it!